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Top 5 payment gateways for ecommerce websites

Payment gateways offer consumers and merchants the ability to conduct business transactions online safely and securely. As many new businesses focus entirely on the ecommerce side of business, ecommerce websites are heavily focused on using consumer-approved and respectable payment gateways to ensure that their goods are available worldwide to anyone with the ability to pay. Moreover, being able to pay online in a safe manner is a hallmark of a quality site, as few people want to do business with an online company that fails to deliver an effective and secure method of payment. Payment gateways, then, offer consumers the safety and security of a verified third-party vendor common to many different product providers as well as making sure that their payments are handled in an objective and trusted fashion.

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How mothers use ecommerce to benefit their lives

A survey has found that mothers are using online researchers to research not only their children’s health but their own. It was found that search engines and apps were the most popular choice in regards to these beneficial needs. Online shopping has also increased for mothers especially when using mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.

Research Now and BabyCenter survey mothers in the United States in November 2013 and found surprising statistics. The most popular activity was looking up illness symptoms on search engines with 76% of mothers doing so. 73% of mothers researched child development, 58% searching for information on medicine or healthcare and 55% tracking child’s development. The same percentage of women also tracked ovulation and pregnancy.