Behavioral Science

Over the past century technology has developed in amazing ways to help us accomplish our goals. It is important though to remember that behind every piece of new technology there is a person supporting or using it. Here at Benten we focus on the people behind the technology as much as we focus on the technology itself. Therefore, it is important to maintain a deep understanding about how people interact with technology and how the decisions made as systems are developed affect those using the technology. Using the knowledge gained from usability research, focus group testing, and behavioral science research, we at Benten use our insight to create a positive interaction experience for the people who use the systems we design.

Research and Development

There are several methods that we use to gain insight into the experience of our users. We take an empirical approach by collecting data by testers, clients, and users to plot a trend and find the strengths and weaknesses of our design and use that feedback and trend knowledge to make better decisions about designing systems that ensure a positive user experience. We use the latest industry tools to monitor users' progress through the system, test-group data, and industry theory to generate meaningful reports for our clients.